Financial Solution: Merchant Cash Advance

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We do not represent a Bank, we do not provide loans… we offer Business Cash Advances!

  • What is an Cash Advance?

A Cash Advance for your business (MCA) is an advance in which the Merchant, based on your average monthly sales deposited in your bank, receives a Total Advancement of Money to be paid with the future business sales, without collateral or guarantees, with final approval and deposit in your bank account of needed capital in… Hours! A certain percentage, known as “rate factor” is added to the amount in advance to determine the total refund. Then payments are withdrawn daily or weekly, directly from the business bank account, from Monday to Friday, until full payment of the Advance is satisfied.

  • Are you in urgent need of money for your business?

You can get an approval as fast as 24-48 hours, deposited into your business account within 72 hours or less.

  • Do you need money for Capital, Inventory or Expansion?

The money retrieved can be used for all purposes within your business.

  • Has your request been denied by a bank?

With our high approval rating, it is unlikely that your advancement request be rejected.

  • Do you have issues with your credit history?

Your request for advancement can be approved regardless of your credit history, no excellent credit is required.

  • Have you been demanded a guarantee for a loan?

Get money for your business, without compromising your company. We do not require collateral or guarantee.

  • Have you paid expenses by applying for a loan?

With us, application at no cost, it’s free!

Studies have shown that more than nine out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. are unable to obtain bank loans because they lack sufficient credit or the necessary collateral.   

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